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Anonymous asked: Hi! I think you're beautiful (:

Thank you. At least one person out there does.

Anonymous asked: Yo, idk man, you should treat your body well and try to get over your ed before trying to lose weight because I don't think you're the type of build that can effectively lose weight with how you've been treating yourself.

Lol idk if you meant it that way but the comment about my build felt really insulting. u don’t know what I can and cannot do. You don’t even know waft I do and do not do! I lost fifty pounds so far when I wasn’t a slacker. Now I’m just fucking up and going the wrong way. But now I’m just motivated to prove you wrong. So thanks =*

I had a panic attack last night. Me and A were walking to the train and I had shown him this girl with an amazing body and it was so depressing. I feel like such a failure and I couldn’t get over how amazing she looked while I looked like a bag of trash. I couldn’t breath and started crying. I’m a mess.

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do u ever realize how ugly u really are and it just ruins ur day

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